Our history

Nestled in the heart of the Normandy bocage, Le Domaine Le Mesnil is more than a reception hall; it’s a place where dreams come to life, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the vibrant history of our walls.

Sonia et Rémy Benedetti , propriétaires du domaine Le mesnil, salle de réception à Argence

The domain Le Mesnil

“With my husband, Remy, we are passionate about architecture, renovation, we had a real crush on an old farmhouse typical of the Norman bocage that we decided to transform into a room that can accommodate 150 people seated without counting the covered terrace from 2024. A unique place to organize all your events and allowing to sleep on the spot, ideally located, only 25 minutes from Caen.”

Sonia Benedetti


Renovating the estate


The recent renovation of Le Domaine Le Mesnil was guided by two principles: respecting the soul of the place and offering the comfort and sophistication expected by our guests. Every space has been designed to combine historic beauty with modern functionality. Work began at the beginning of 2022, a project that brought together numerous craftsmen to bring this beautiful building back to life.

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Talus Domaine Le MEsnil, salle de réception Argences

The start of a wonderful adventure

Our barn conversion into a reception hall is the fruit of meticulous and passionate work, carried out in collaboration with talented craftsmen.
It all began with a rigorous analysis of the barn’s condition, which was showing signs of deterioration and disrepair. We then drew up a detailed renovation plan, taking care to preserve the authentic character and cachet of the building. The first stage of our adventure involved clearing access to the lake and terracing it. This was followed by the creation of an acoustic embankment planted with trees, which added to the overall visual effect.

Structural work, a major stage

Next, we opened up the windows on the lake side to offer a breathtaking view of the pond. 
We also levelled the interior floor.
The wine press, which had been abandoned for years, was demolished to make way for a new sanitary area. We also loosened the ground to prepare the foundations for the barn.
The roofing was removed and renovated with Bavent tiles, a high-quality local material. We then insulated the floors to ensure a comfortable temperature all year round.

Talus Domaine Le MEsnil, salle de réception Argences
Talus Domaine Le MEsnil, salle de réception Argences

The project takes shape…

The barn was then poured and paved, followed by interior and exterior sanding to bring the stone back to life. The joinery was installed, followed by the creation of bays upstairs to bring in more natural light.
The next steps include repairing the stone joints with lime mortar, fitting out the sleeping area, creating the kitchen, sanitary facilities and PMR room on the first floor, and installing the electrical and plumbing systems.

The home stretch

With our passion for craftsmanship and the use of local materials, this barn is gradually becoming a magical place to recharge your batteries, relax and discover the beauty of the surrounding countryside.
We look forward to welcoming you to our haven of peace for an unforgettable experience. We’re now in the home stretch, painting the rooms, laying the parquet and sanitary fittings, choosing the furniture… The final touches are being made, and we’re just a few months away from welcoming you!

Talus Domaine Le MEsnil, salle de réception Argences